Exhibition Review | Maxic Presence in the Shenzhen International Sensor Expo, 2024 with Newest Optical Sensors

  • Release Date2024-04-17

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The Shenzhen International Sensor and Application Technology Exhibition, 2024, grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian) from April 14th to 16th! More than 600 global enterprises in the sensor industry exhibited their products.

As invited, Maxic exhibited a range of new optical sensors and had closely interaction with customers and provides various customized solutions.


Optical Sensor Product Area

Maxic possesses an interdisciplinary, multi-domain integrated technical core, which has proposed innovative technical architectures across many fields and cultivated a dual-driver product ecosystem of ‘power management + signal chain.’ The company has developed diverse layout of optical sensors, covering the prevalent electronic consumer market such as smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, TWS, and smart TVs.

In optical sensor product area, the new launched products are highlighted, including MT3200 (click to view full article), a compact, highly sensitive, and cost-effective ambient light sensor; MT3502 (click to view full article), an optical crown sensor incorporating rotation and key detections; and MT3102 (click to view full article), a miniature, low-power consumption optical proximity sensor with skin recognition.



Smart Core Living Experience Area

Optical sensors have been widely applied in people's lives. At this exhibition, an interactive experience area featuring Maxic's optical sensor terminal products was set up. This allowed audience to more intuitively feel and experience the smart and convenience brought by optical sensor products, attracting a large number of visitors to stop by for experiences and exchanges.



Automotive Electronics Exhibition Area


Maxic has been actively expanding its presence in the automotive electronics, establishing a dual platform of "smartphone + automobile." At this exhibition, we also introduced our latest automotive electronic products, with breakthroughs in areas such as in-vehicles wireless charging, automotive lighting, CAN SBC chips, and more.

Simultaneously, Maxic is actively expanding its signal chain products in both automotive and high-end electronic fields, further improving products meet higher requirements in the electronic consumer market, such as full screen, multispectral, and TOF, and actively expanding into the field of automotive light and rain sensors.


The Shenzhen International Sensor Exhibition, 2024, was concluded successfully. Thanks to all the customers, partners and agents who visited, as well as Maxic’s team for their attentive assistance on-site!