Maxic Unveils MT3200, a Miniature, High Sensitivity, Cost-Effective Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)

  • Release Date2024-04-12

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As sensor technology progresses and the trend toward smart features in consumer electronics and new energy products gains momentum, optical sensors are expected to undergo continuous advancements in terms of integration, intelligence, miniaturization, adaptability, and energy efficiency. Maxic recently launched MT3200 which is a compact, high-sensitivity, and cost-effective ambient light sensor (ALS).

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MT3200 is an advanced digital ALS module designed for high-precision ambient light sensing. It incorporates timing controller, ADC, and high-sensitivity photodiodes to achieve accurate sensing of ambient light intensity. The module is applicable in various devices, such as smartphones, laptops, automotive displays, and LCD TVs. The sensor adjusts screen brightness based on the detected ambient light levels, enhancing the device's adaptability to different lighting conditions.

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MT3200 Application Diagram


  • Small package size: 2.04mm x 1.15mm x 0.5mm

  • Large size of PD array, ambient light sensing sensitivity<0.0005 Lux/LSB 

  • Low-noise 3-channel (ALS, CLEAR, and IR) design for higher detection precision in low-light 

  • 16-bit ADC resolution

  • 1.2V~3.6V I/O interface voltage to ensure better compatibility

  • Supports I²C address self-swap, two devices can be connected simultaneously


MT3200 Typical Application Circuit

Technical Highlights

  • Large photosensitive area, high sensitivity

MT3200’s gain ranges from 0.5x to 4096x, enhancing the device's detection capability both in low-light conditions and in bright light. In addition, the sensitivity of ALS is smaller than 0.0005 Lux/LS


By adopting self-developed Lux conversion algorithm, MT3200 is capable of achieving lower than 10% illuminance error under various light such as A/D65/CW/TL84/U30.


  • Multi-channel wide FOV for high detection precision

The larger the FOV, the wider sensing angle for receiving light, resulting in higher precision achieved by the sensor. In addition to wide FOV, MT3200 is designed with three-channel ambient light sensing, ALS, CLEAR, and IR; utilizes optical coating technology to effectively suppress reflection and refraction, so as to improve the light detection precision, achieving industry-leading performance levels.


  • I²C address self-swap for higher precision Sensing

MT3200 supports the swap of SCL and SDA addresses, two chips can be connected simultaneously. This enables comprehensive ambient light intensity sensing while conserving bus resources, and facilitates customers in realizing more precise and intelligent product applications.


  • Ultra-low power consumption for enhanced reliability

In the realm of high-performance sensor chips, power consumption is a key parameter. MT3200 maintains an ALS average power consumption of 229μA under identical power supply conditions. This attribute not only mitigates chip heating during operation but also fortifies reliability, thereby optimizing device performance. Consequently, this contributes to cost efficiency.