Maxic launched a fully integrated ultra-low power optical proximity sensor

  • Release Date2022-07-04

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Based on the rich development experience in analog and analog-digital hybrid field, the developed low power process algorithm and the analog-digital hybrid noise reduction technology, Maxic launched a highly integrated ultra-low power optical proximity sensor, MT3101. It has excellent sensing performance and ultra-low power consumption, solves the universal problems, such as low sensitivity and lower transmission speed and so on, effectively reduces the false triggering frequency and improves the in-ear detection efficiency. Available in small size package, MT3101 brings a new experience for wearable products such as TWS earphones.


  • 3 kinds of I2CID Address, prefer for applications that incorporate multiple devices simultaneously

  • adopts intelligent crosstalk elimination tech, wide signal dynamic range and robust crosstalk immunity

  • optical coating process ensures ultra-high ambient light suppression capability

  • ultra-low power dissipation: 1µA@standby mode and <15µA@operating mode

  • Programmable ADC bit, VCSEL driving current and measuring rate, applicable to various applications

  • Internal thermal regulation guarantees data accuracy at -20℃~85℃

  • Integrates SENSOR, 940nm VCSEL and ZENER, simple peripheral circuit

  • Small size optical package: 2.55mmX2.0mmX0.6mm

MT3101 typical application circuit

Product Introduction

  • Small size package, high design flexibility

MT3101 integrates infrared light receiver, VCSEL, programmable low noise amplifier, high accuracy ADC and digital fast mode I2C interface. Available in small size OLGA package (2.55mmX2.0mmX0.6mm), it brings a lot of flexibility to the design of TWS earphones, other wearable or portable devices.

MT3101 package diagram

  • High detection accuracy and strong noise immunity

MT3101 maximizes the available dynamic range of the signal and improves the ability to resist crosstalk by analog-digital hybrid intelligent crosstalk cancellation technique; the high ambient light suppression design coupled with efficient algorithm improves the accuracy of converting infrared light to digital and reduces error values; the integrated 9-12bit ADC enables up to 16mA programmable driving current and the pulse width and number are programmable. MT3101 is embedded with three kinds of I2C address and supports 400kHz frequency, three chips can share one I2C bus, minimizing the difficulty of designing multi device system.

  • Ultra-low power consumption with power management function

The trend of compact wearable devices and their battery capacity all place strict requirements on the energy-saving performance of proximity sensors. By maintaining the outstanding design of ultra-low power consumption, the power consumptions at normal operating mode and standby mode are decreases to smaller than 15µA(normal operating mode) and 1µA. At the same time, MT3101 features power management function, it can automatically power on and off the earphone according to its wearing status.

Diverse application scenarios

Product Introduction

  • Small size package, high design flexibility

    Product Introduction

  • Small size package, high design flexibility

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MT3101 is a small size, highly programmable, low power consumption proximity sensor that features excellent sensing performance, crosstalk immunity ambient light suppression, and low false triggering rate. It is applicable to TWS earphones, wearable devices, such as smartphones, smartwatch, etc., as well as furniture and household appliances, such as floor-cleaning robots.