Wireless Charging
        SSR Control
            SSR Control
        SR Control
            SR Control
        HV Non-Isolated CV
            HV Non-Isolated CV
        PFC Control
            PFC Control
        PSR Control
    Protocol IC
        Protocol IC
            Protocol IC
    Constant Current Driver
        Smart LED Driver
            HPF PWM Dimmable
            LPF PWM Dimmable
            Linear PWM Dimmable
        Linear LED Driver
            TRIAC Dimmable
            Single Segment, Linear Constant Current
            Multi-segment, Linear Constant Current
            Dual Voltage, Linear Constant Current
            New European Standard Linear Constant Current
            Ripple Remover
            Switch CCT and Dimming
        General LED Driver
            HPF, Isolated
            HPF, Non-isolated
            LPF, Non-isolated
            Switching TRIAC Dimmable
        DC-DC Driver
            DC-DC Driver
        Photoelectric Sensor
            Proximity Sensor (PS)
            Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)
            Optical Crown Sensor
        Medical Euipment-related Sensor
    Interface IC
        CAN Transceiver
            CAN Transceiver
        CAN SBC
            CAN SBC
    Consumer Electronics
        Smart Wearable Device
            Smart Watch
            Smart Glasses
            TWS Earphone
        Smart Appliances
            Set-top Box
            Multimedia Device
            Home Appliances
        Smart Accessories
            Digital Accessories
            Other Accessories
        Wireless Charger
            Wireless Charger
            General Charger
            Fast Charger
            Car Charger
    Communication Terminal
        Mobile Communication Terminal
            Smart Phone
    Lighting Application
        Smart Lighting
            Smart Lighting
        Industrial/Commercial Lighting
            Industrial/Commercial Lighting
    Automotive Electronics
        On-board Electronic Device
            On-board Wireless Charger
        System Control Device
            Motor Driver
            CAN Bus Interface
        Automotive Lighting
            DC-DC Driver
    Industrial Control
        Smart Tool
            Electrical Equipment
        Mobile Charging Device
            Mobile Power Supply
    Medical Appliances
        Health Care and Wellness
            Household Medical Devices
Service Support
    Quality and Reliability
    Sample Request
About Us
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    News & Events
        HP's new all-in-one desktop is equipped with Maxic chip to unlock a new wireless office posture
        The International Lighting Exhibition 2022, New Delhi, India, was concluded successfully!
        MT5785 (receiver) won the "Technology Innovation Award" in the World Wireless Charging Conference 2022
        Grand launch | MT5785: 100W ultra-fast wireless charging and 18W reverse transmission
        Exhibition Review | wireless charging and wired fast charging products participated the Asian Charging Exhibition 2022 (Summer)
        Core leads new era | Maxic participated the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2022
        Maxic launched a fully integrated ultra-low power optical proximity sensor
        Maxic launched a high performance wired fast charging 20W~65W overall solution
        Scheme evaluation | MT971XB full-range analog dimming Smart Lighting solution with PWM input
        Maxic's wireless charging receiver IC won the "China Chip" award
        Product introduction | MT7668H: high PF, linear, no flicker, new EU standard solution
        Product introduction | MT7608H: dual input voltage range, linear, Brazil bulb solution
        Product introduction | MT765X: flicker-free, linear PWM dimming solution
        Maxic has been recognized as Beijing Enterprise Technology Center!
        Maxic joined the China Automotive Chips Alliance (CACA) to enter the field of automotive electronics
        Maxic’s wireless charging chip has qualified the AEC Q-100 certification
        Application case | MT5805 in Tongyinhai’s Bracket Type Magnetic Suction Wireless Charger MT5805
        Maxic Displays the Latest Wireless & Wired Charging Products at the Asia Charging Exhibition, Autumn 2023
        Application Case | Rapoo Dual-mode Wireless Gaming Mouse Incorporates MT5705
        Maxic attended “The Core Partner Exchange Conference” held by Transsion
        Maxic launches MT3102, a miniature, low power proximity sensor integrating skin recognition
        Maxic launched the optical tracking sensor MT3502 featuring rotation and key detections
        Optical Sensors of Maxic
        Application case | TORRAS 15W MagSafe Wireless Charger Incorporates MT5805
        Maxic Introduced the Newest Smart Lighting Solutions at the “Foshan High-End Smart Lighting Technology Innovation Seminar, 2023”
        MPP Module Adopting MT5805 Qualified Qi2.0 Certification
        Application Case | Honor Watch 4 Pro Integrates Maxic’s Wireless Charging IC MT5706
        Maxic MT581X MPP Wireless Charging Module Qualified Qi 2.0 Certification
        Maxic Unveils MT3200, a Miniature, High Sensitivity, Cost-Effective Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)
        Exhibition Review | Maxic Presence in the Asia Charging Expo, 2024 with Latest Wireless and Wired Fast Charging Products
        Exhibition Review | Maxic Presence in the Shenzhen International Sensor Expo, 2024 with Newest Optical Sensors
        Maxic Launches Automotive-grade 3-channel Linear Constant Current LED Driver MTQ6013
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