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Company Profile

Focus On High-Performance Analog And Digital-Analog Hybrid IC
Aiming To Be The Field-Leading IC Solution Supplier

Maxic Technology Incorporated is a high-tech design and sales company, focusing on the high-performance analog and digital-analog hybrid IC. Based on independent developed high voltage integrated process, Maxic provides wireless Soc IC, USB-C/PD fast charging IC, full range of LED drivers, signal chain IC and automotive electronics, etc. Covering communication terminal, consumer electronic, LED lighting, smart home, automobile manufacturing, industrial control and other fields.

Maxic has an advanced and experienced core team in the design and process development of high-performance analog and digital-analog hybrid IC, and owns hundreds of domestic and international independent intellectual property rights of high voltage, high current, high power analog power management and digital circuit design. Besides, the ten technical support centers worldwide are set to provide fast and effective technical services. Moreover, Maxic has also qualified the quality and production management audit of domestic and international primary brand customers.

Maxic has been recognized as an “IC Design Enterprise” and “Key Giant of MIIT” successively by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), and has also been recognized as “Beijing Specialized, Fined, Peculiar and Innovative Giant”. In addition, Maxic has also won various awards including “Beijing Science and Technology Award”, “Beijing’s High-grade, Precision and Advanced Industrial Design Center Award”, “Asian 100” by RED HERRING and many more, and has been widely acknowledged by the industry.

Motivated    Ambitious    Xcellent    Innovative    Competitive

With the goal of becoming the field leading and respected analog-digital hybrid IC and related solution supplier, We will be committed to creating opportunities for employees, creating benefits for customers, creating wealth for shareholders, and creating value for society.


Strength Creates Future

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    Excellent Technical Team

    Founders are from US Silicon Valley and world famous universities

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    Mature shipments

    Experienced semiconductor company with billions of shipment

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    High performance self-innovative IC

    The pioneer of 100W wireless fast charging technology; The initiator of single-stage high PF algorithm in the industry

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    Intellectual Property

    Owns hundreds of domestic and international patents, master the core technology of the industry


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