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Technology driven, Full participation

Quality Management

  • Quality Slogan

    Quality is the company's eternal theme.

  • Quality Policy

    Technology driven, full participation, continuous improvement, pursuit excellence.

System Certification

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    ISO 9001

    Certificate of Management System Certification

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    ISO 9001

    Certificate of Management System Certification

Reliability Test

Test Process
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    Experimental Design

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    Effectiveness Evaluation

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    Reliability Test Environment Setup

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    Device Functional Parameter Test

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    Device Reliability Test

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    Test Result Evaluation & Report Output

Est Item
Test Item Abbr. Sample Number/Batch Batch Number Test Method
MSL Preconditioning PC 77 3 J-STD-020/ JESD22-A113
Temperature Humidity Bias/ Highly Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress THBHAST 77 3 J-STD-020/ JESD22-A113
Unbiased Temperature&Humidity / Unbiased HAST UHASTTH 77 3 JESD22-A102, A118, or A101
Temperature Cycling TC 77 3 JESD22-A104
Power Temperature Cycling PTC 77 3 JESD22-A105
High Temperature Storage Life HTSL 77 3 JESD22-A103
High Temperature Operating Life HTOL 77 3 JESD22-A108
Solderability SD 15 1 JESD22-B102
Physical Dimensions PD 10 3 JESD22-B100 and B108
Human Body Model HBM - 1 JS-001
Charged Device Model CDM - 1 JS-002
Latch-Up LU - JESD78