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  • Analog Design Engineer
    • Job responsibilities
      • Responsible for designing basic analog circuit modules, such as Bandgap (bandgap reference), Opamp, Comparator, ADC, Oscillator, PLL, LDO, dcdc, acdc, Linux virtuoso, cadence (internal design), etc.

      • Be responsible for the verification and testing of IC and related modules;

      • Be responsible for guiding and participating in layout design;

      • Participate in the whole chip design process, understand the chip architecture, and participate in modeling and verification.

    • Job requirements
      • Master's degree or above, with a professional diploma in microelectronics; At least 5 years working experience; 

      • Proficient in using EDA design tools;

      • Deeply understand the relevant knowledge of analog circuit and power management and the design process of analog circuit; 

      • Be able to complete design tasks independently; 

      • Good team spirit, good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

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  • IC Digital Design Engineer
    • Job responsibilities
      • Design the SoC architecture according to the overall design requirements of the chip, and be responsible for SoC system integration; 

      • Be responsible for compiling detailed design specifications of modules; 

      • Responsible for rtl design and simulation verification of the module; 

      • Responsible for front-end process design, including chip synthesis, static timing analysis, formal verification, DFT, ATPG, etc. 

      • Responsible for fpga implementation and verification.

    • Job requirements
      • Master's degree, more than 3 years' ASIC design experience, and ASIC streaming experience; 

      • Proficiently use verilog for code design; 

      • Proficient in using EDA design tools of synopsys; 

      • Proficient in using mainstream fpga development platforms such as xilinx; 

      • Be familiar with AMBA bus and ARM core, and have the design experience of clock reset, DMA, serial interface and other modules.

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  • IC Digital Verification Engineer
    • Job responsibilities
      •  Be responsible for top-level or IP verification of SOC chip and behavior-level modeling; 

      • Work out verification specifications and test plans with designers, and build a verification platform based on UVM; 

      • Execute the verification plan, write test cases, carry out recursive tests, and complete the debugging and repair of problems;

      • Carry out door-level function and timing simulation; 

      • Have the ability and interest to participate in chip design and development.

    • Job requirements
      • 3-5 years experience in IC verification, major in microelectronics, computer, communication, etc., bachelor degree or above; 

      • Familiar with IC verification process, rich experience in IP/SOC verification and successful streaming; 

      • Familiar with languages such as Verilog/SystemVerilog/C and UVM verification methodology; 、

      • Familiar with bus protocols such as ARM AXI/APB/AHB;

      • Familiar with I2C,UART,SPI,USB and other general peripherals;

      • Be familiar with C language and have some knowledge of Firmware; 

      • Familiar with Verilog-AMS, experience in digital-analog mixed simulation is preferred.

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  • Analog Layout Design Engineer
    • Job responsibilities
      • Evaluate the chip and module area, and be responsible for the back-end physical implementation of the chip, from netlist to GDS; 

      • Be responsible for relevant timing analysis, power consumption analysis, power integrity analysis, signal integrity analysis, etc.

      • Complete the back-end design work, including FlorrPlan, APR, CTS, etc.; 

      • Responsible for physical verification, including DRC, EVS. ERC, Latchup, etc.

    • Job requirements
      • Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in microelectronics or electronic engineering; 

      • 3 years or above working experience, proficient in using back-end EDA tools and familiar with back-end design process; 

      • Be familiar with synopsys ,cadence back-end design tools and processes, and skillfully use Virtuoso, Calibre and other back-end design and verification tools; 

      • Be able to independently complete the back-end design from netlist to GDS signoff;

      • Proficient in using a scripting language, such as tcl, perl, etc., and able to independently write text processing books;

      • Good communication skills and team spirit.

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  • ATE Test Engineer
    • Job responsibilities
      • According to the chip test scheme, independently design and manufacture the test hardware, debug the test program, analyze the test data and write the test report; 

      • Be responsible for importing and maintaining the test program of the outsourcing factory; 

      • Abnormal handling of mass production batches and improvement of yield; 

      • Test time is optimized and UPH is improved.

    • Job requirements
      • Bachelor degree, major in microelectronics, electronic information engineering, computer, automation, mechanical electronics, etc. 

      • 3 years of semiconductor mass production testing experience, at least familiar with ATE test platform; 

      • Skillfully use Altium Designer and other software to design circuit board schematic diagram and PCB, and have independent debugging ability; 

      • Have good communication and learning skills, communication skills and team spirit, and can adapt to travel.

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  • Embedded Software Development Engineer
    • Job responsibilities
      • Development, debugging and verification of embedded software and tool chain of wireless charging chip, and output related documents;

      • Software function verification in the process of chip development; 

      • Cooperate with project team members to debug and verify the software and hardware; 

      • Properly travel to customers to deal with problems on site.

    • Job requirements
      • Bachelor degree or above, major in computer or electronics; 

      • Be familiar with at least one CPU architecture. 51 Single chip microcomputer, ARM, etc. Understand concepts such as interrupt and task scheduling; 

      • Have more than 2 years of experience in the development of underlying embedded software, and be familiar with the working principle and usage of common peripherals; 

      • Good C language foundation and coding style, and the ability to quickly read and maintain a certain scale of code; 

      • Be familiar with one or more languages of C++/python, and be able to write and debug upper computer applications is preferred; 

      • Experience in protocol stack development is preferred;

      • Be familiar with the use of common RTOS, and implement it at the bottom;

      • Good English reading ability, reading some commonly used agreements is preferred; 

      • Have good communication and cooperation skills, and be able to actively complete assigned tasks.

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  • PCB Engineer
    • Job responsibilities
      • responsible for PCB Layout; 

      • Assist in the design of circuit schematic diagram; 

      • Communicate with customers to confirm PCB technology and process requirements; 

      • Coordinate internal and external relations from design to manufacturing; 

      • Organize documents and other related technical documents;

    • Job requirements
      • Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics; 

      • More than 2 years PCB design experience, proficient in using PCB design software;

      • Familiar with PCB manufacturing process and PCBA production process; 

      • Understand basic electronic circuit principles and electronic components; 

      • Experience in PCB Layout is preferred;

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  • FAE Engineer
    • Job responsibilities
      • Assist in the verification and testing of optical sensor chips.;

      • Responsible for the design, development and verification of the application circuit of the corresponding products, and the collation and compilation of the corresponding data and documents; 

      • Be responsible for the formulation and compilation of application documents (reference design, instructions for use, etc.) of corresponding products;

      • Be responsible for the formulation and compilation of acceptance specifications and instructions for the corresponding product DEMO; 

      • Provide customers with questions and technical support during product application;

    • Job requirements
      • Major in electronics and microelectronics, bachelor degree or above, with more than three years' working experience; 

      • Experience in on-site support of light-sensitive products such as mobile phones, TWS headphones and watches is preferred; 

      • Be familiar with Qualcomm and MTK platforms, and be able to drive writing independently. 

      • Careful and meticulous work, good communication skills and team spirit.

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Our Benefits

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    Guidance from Silicon valley top-level analog-digital hybrid R&D team

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    Stock/option incentive plan

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    Competitive salary

  • e5icon5.svg e5icon13.svg

    Complete promotion mechanism

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    Excellent graduates have the opportunity to obtain residence qualification

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    Paid annual leave, paid sick leave, compensatory leave policy

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    Six insurances and one fund, health examination, holiday welfare, team building activities

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    Internal recommendation bonus, patent bonus, R&D project bonus, annual performance bonus, sales incentive bonua

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