Maxic attended “The Core Partner Exchange Conference” held by Transsion

  • Release Date2023-10-20

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On October 16th, the “Core Partner Exchange Conference (2023)” was held by Transsion Holdings in Chongqing, as the long-term partner of Transsion, Maxic was invited to attend the conference. The conference focused on key links of the industry chain and supply chain, provided a comprehensive overview of Transsion's overall development strategy and technological advancements, and discussed the cutting-edge trends and development opportunities in the smart terminal industry.

With the title of “King of Mobile Phones in Africa” and the benchmark enterprise of China’s overseas market, owning the capability of meeting users’ personalized requirements in emerging markets and holding the development concept of “global thinking, localization innovation”, Transsion is developing towards diversifying and constructing an exclusive product ecosystem, covering smartphones, foldable-screen smartphones, laptops, intelligent wearable devices, intelligent audio devices, smart homes, and so on.

Maxic has kept stable and friendly cooperation with Transsion for many years. Following wireless charging ICs, the optical sensor has also been highly recognized. The two major product lines jointly assist the development of smartphones, foldable-screen smartphones of Transsion, where the high-power wireless charging smartphones have gained significant popularity among users.

Maxic is committed to supply high-quality solutions and services to assist Transsion to build a better and stronger industry eco-system.