Maxic’s wireless charging chip has qualified the AEC Q-100 certification

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The “AEC Q-100 Certification Report" award ceremony was successfully held on 17th April by Maxic Technology Inc. and Materials Analysis Technology Inc. (MA-tek). Qualifying the AEC Q-100 standard certification is an important step for Maxic to enter the automotive industry, and provides a strong support for accelerating the deployment of automotive electronics.

Ceremony scene

About AEC-Q100 Certification

AEC-Q100 is the first standard of Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) in the United States. It is a reliability testing standard for automotive applications/components/electronics, acting as the quality management control standard to improve the stability and standardization of automotive electronics. The standard has very strict requirements for the quality and reliability of each chip, covers various situations or potential failure states that may occur. As compared with consumer- and industrial-grade chips, automotive grade chips have a much higher standard, AEC-Q100 is the ticket for IC manufacturers to enter the automotive industry.

Ultra-low power consumption, safe and reliable wireless charging chip

MTQ5807 which has qualified the AEC-Q100 certification is a wireless charging transmitter that supports up to 15W power delivery and is suitable for various automotive applications. It follows the latest WPC Qi specification and supports multiple proprietary fast charging protocols, such as USB-PD3.2 (certified) and UFCS. Q-value detection technology is used in IC for accurate detection of foreign objects with extremely low power consumption, so as to improve system reliability and increase driving safety.

Securing the AEC-Q100 certification is a proof of the professional recognition of Maxic’s product in terms of quality and reliability, and lays a solid foundation for the company’s continued development in the automotive electronics field.

Maxic will continuously improve the technology and product competitiveness as well as high-quality solutions to customers.

AEC-Q100 Reliability Certification Report