HP's new all-in-one desktop is equipped with Maxic chip to unlock a new wireless office posture

  • Release Date2022-11-24

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With the development of science and technology, the era of wireless intelligence has arrived. From wireless keyboard and mouse, wireless headsets to various wearable devices and smart terminals, the usage of cables are reduced and humans are pursuing a more convenient wireless lifestyle. HP’s latest “Star 32” and “ENVY34” series of all-in-one product gives users a new experience of more simple and convenient wireless life.


HP “Star 32” series all-in-one product supports seamless switching of wireless multimedia controllers, wireless flash transmission, wireless charging backplane, wireless keyboard and mouse, etc., and is equipped with high-level 19W high-power audio module which can deliver clear and accurate sound without external speakers where the wireless charging backplane brings a lot of convenience to our life, it can charge the device that supports Qi protocol, such as mobile phone, by putting the device on it, wherever it is.


The backplane of HP “Star 32” and ENVY34 series' wireless charging function is realized by integrating Maxic’s wireless charging transmitter, MT5815. MT5815 is a highly integrated IC that supports USB-PD protocol and Qi standard, adopts ARM M0 with 64K Flash and three pairs of N-MOSFET drivers, and is capable of up to 50W power delivery. The chip can be used in devices that charges smart phone, smart portable devices, intelligent home appliances and so on, has the advantage of high efficiency and high extension, low cost and low power consumption.


MT5815 Demo

Features of MT5815

  • Power transfer: up to 50W

  • Supports various fast charging protocols, such as QC2.0/QC3.0, FCP/SCP and USB PD etc

  • Embedded with ARM M0 processor and 64KB FLASH, providing powerful and independent secondary development space

  • Integrates three pairs of N-MOSFET drivers, with high expansion and customized configuration

  • Integrates all necessary components except MOSFET drivers, high efficiency and low power consumption

  • Plenty of GPIO/ADC/DAC for application expansion

  • Supports one chip driving two coils


MT5815 circuit diagram

Advantages of the Solution

  • Supports USB-PD, QC and other FCP, with high power output

MT5815 integrates USB-PD physical interface and protocol stack, it can directly obtain high power from the adapter that supports USB-PD protocol. It supports 50W output, providing customers economic advantages in terms of cost and PCB space. Besides, the chip is compliant with QC2.0/3.0, FCP, SCP, and other fast charging protocols to meet different application requirements.

  • Cost effective solution with ARM M0 processor and 3 pairs of MOS drivers

MT5815 incorporates ARM M0 processor and 64kB Flash, provides powerful processing ability and coding space, and supports secondary application development carried out by customers; integrates three pairs of MOS drivers, and can simultaneously realize the arbitrary combination of frequency modulation, voltage regulation and phase modulation through flexible configuration of PWM generator; and a dual-channel completely independent wireless transmission dedicated PWM generator is integrated to realize one core charging two coils, which greatly reduces the module cost and development complexity.

  • Highly integrated embedded SoC architecture and flexible interface to ensure high efficiency and low power consumption

MT5815 integrates all necessary functional modules for realizing wireless power transmission (except power MOSFET), and achieves the optimal performance among different power, efficiency and cost through reasonable selection of power MOSFET. The embedded innovative SoC system provides good hardware platform and external interface, to make the system to be safer and more efficient; the integrated high voltage BUCK reduces the power consumption of the transmitter at high voltage input, and supports different power consumption modes such as sleep, standby and low power consumption.

Maxic will continue to strive to offer more satisfied products to customers.