MT5805 is a highly integrated, high performance System on Chip (SoC) for magnetic induction based wireless power transmitter solutions. It is fully compliant with the latest WPC Qi v1.3 specification, with both Baseline Power Profile (BPP) and Extended Power Profile (EPP) support.

    MT5805 integrates separate high frequency and low frequency oscillators for low power and low cost applications. The internal high frequency PLL with support of external crystal is designed for high accuracy clock and PWM signal generation. The chip is able to provide flexible dead time control and phase shift generation to improve EMI performance.

    MT5805 supports multi-protocol power adaptor interface detection and control with support of QC 2.0/3.0, USB PD, SCP, FCP, UFCS etc.

    MT5805 integrates two LDO’s, two channels of ASK demodulation Analog Front End (AFE), and 8 channels of ASK demodulation DSP. The embedded precise high-side current sense circuit, generic 12 bit SAR ADC and DAC enable high performance FOD and Q-factor detection.

    • Compliant with the latest WPC Qi specification and supports various proprietary protocols

    • Up to 15W power delivery

    • 32 bits ARM-M0 with 4KB SRAM and 32KB MTP

    • 4V to 20V Wide input VIN voltage

    • Supports 6-channel DMA

    • Supports 8-channel voltage and current ASK demodulation

    • PLL with programmable VCO frequency and output divider

    • Supports 12MHz~24MHz XTAL

    • 48MHz oscillator with ±1.5% accuracy

    • 12 bits 100ksps SAR ADC

    • Supports SWD and I2C debug mode

    • Supports QC, FCP, SCP, UFCS and USB PD

    • 2 UART interfaces

    • 3 advanced timers with PWM generation and capture function

  • WPC compliant wireless power transmitters for smart phones and wearable devices

  • Medical, home appliance and industrial applications

  • Other wireless power applications

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