MT7202 is a BUCK, constant current LED driver who operates in Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM). The chip can drive single or multiple series connected LEDs efficiently when the input voltage is higher than the LED voltage. MT7202 supports 6V~50V input voltage and achieves up to 1.5A externally adjustable output current.

    MT7202 integrates power switch and a high-end output current sensing circuit. The average output current can be set through external resistor.

    The ADJ pin can receive the analog dimming signal and PWM dimming signal. If the voltage of the ADJ pin is below 0.2V, the internal power switch will be shut down and then the system enters the standby state with ultra-low power dissipation.

    MT7202 is designed with PWM filter circuit, which can realize soft-start function by controlling the rising edge of the current. Besides, the soft-start time can be extended by adding an external capacitor between ADJ pin and GND.

    • Simple external circuit with few components

    • Constant output current: up to 1.5A

    • Single pin for on/off, analog/PWM dimming

    • Excellent line regulation

    • Frequency jittering technique to reduce EMI

    • High efficiency: up to 97%

    • Switching frequency: Up to 1MHz

    • Inherent open-circuit protection

    • High accuracy output current: ±5%

    • Available in SOT89-5 packages

  • Low voltage halogen replacement LEDs

  • Automotive lighting

  • Low voltage industrial lighting

  • LED back-up lighting

  • Illuminated signs

  • Stage lights

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