MT7938 is a single-stage, primary side control AC-DC LED driver with active power factor correction. MT7938 integrates on-chip PFC circuit operates in critical conduction mode (CRM) to achieve high power factor and reduce the power MOSFET switching loss. With MAXIC proprietary control technique, precision LED current is achieved without secondary side sense and feedback circuit including opto-coupler.


MT7938 provides various protections, such as over current protection (OCP), output over voltage protection (OVP), short circuit protection (SCP) and over temperature regulation (OTR), etc., to improve system reliability. Moreover, MT7938 is designed with thermal regulation setting pin TADJ, which allows flexible setting of the thermal regulation threshold by connecting an external resistor to ground.



  • Single-stage Active PFC for high power factor
  • Internal integrator (no external COMP capacitor)
  • Internal THD compensation circuit
  • Internal line regulation
  • Primary side control saving opto-coupler
  • Demagnetization sensing at DRV pin
  • High precision LED current (±2%)
  • Critical Conduction Mode operation
  • Cycle-by-cycle current limiting
  • Various protections with self-recovery

-      Over current protection

-      Output over-voltage/open-circuit protection

-      Short circuit protection

  • Flexibly set thermal regulation threshold through TADJ
  • Power on soft-start
  • Available in SOT23-6 packages